ChanthyChanthy grew up in a small village in Banteay Meanchey province near the border of Thailand. She is the third of five children. When she was seven years old her mother died. Her father and two older brothers had to travel fifty kilometers each day where they worked as rice farmers. Chanthy’s uncle took her to school every day and to church each week. During her high school years, Chanthy began to dream about going to college. She knew her family no had money for her to study in college, so she planned to find work in Thailand. She hoped to help her family and save enough so she could go to college. One day, Chanthy went to visit a high school student dorm sponsored by Kone Kmeng. She was surprised that the manager was someone she knew from years ago. Brother Phearum told her that Kone Kmeng had a dorm in Phnom Penh for university students. It would be safe and there would be no cost for Chanthy to stay there. He told her Kone Kmeng might be able to help with her tuition. Chanthy shared this with her father and older brother. After considering this for three days, her father finally decided to let her to go to Phnom Penh. Chanthy began her studies, while working as waitress in a restaurant. She later volunteered to work at Green Pasture Inn. A few months later, she was offered a paid position there. Chanthy graduated in November 2015 with a degree in accounting and now works full-time as the manager and accountant at Green Pasture Inn. Chanthy is the first in her family to go to college. Her whole family is very proud of her graduating from college and her successful career at Green Pasture Inn.

All across Cambodia there are young people who have dreams just like Chanthy and it is the aim of Kone Kmeng to be able to help those dreams come true by providing safe dorms, affordable schooling, and supplemental classes for those who have fallen behind or never had the opportunity to go to school.