My name is Tha Savdy, 20 years old. I am living in Doun Chreng Village, Preah Netpreah Commune, Preah Netpreah District, Banteay Meanchey province. I am one of the University Dorm students of Kone Kmeng.

Initially, I was a 4th grader of Lavea Primary School in Banteay Meanchey because of my family mingrated there. It is considered one of the most difficult remote schools in Preah Netpreah District. When I was in grade 7, I moved to study at Talom Secondary School in Mongkul Borey District, it is about 6km away from my house. By studying there for a year, there was an old lady, who is my Mon’s relative, asked my mom to let me live with her family because her house is located near the school and return home. She was sad because she wanted me to pursue my education.

I received a surprised news of opportunity through my brother that there is a Christian High School dorm available for High School students whose houses located in remote areas to live with good care and oversee by leader. After for a few years there, I graduated high school and was granted opportunity with scholarship and accommodation by Kone Kmeng to pursue college education in Phnom Penh City.

I have learnt a lot about life. I learnt an experience of living with big community of different background of people. Each student takes turn to be responsible for cooking and especially I learnt the love of Jesus Christ and relationship with him. I know for sure that God has given me as a poor girl from remote village an amazing opportunity to stay with college scholarship. Addition, he pays great detailed attention with me. Thank God for his great plan for my life.

I also would like to give wonderful thank to Kone Kmeng’s leader and staff for working so hard with great sacrifices of time and energy to support, encourage and direct our lives for brighter future. It is beyond our hope that I never think of studying in university because of too much need in the family. By God’s grace and through Kone Kmeng, it helps turn the impossible for me and other in need students.

Last of all, I am greatly thankful to all donors for continually sponsoring and supporting Kone Kmeng. With these support, Kone Kmeng can precede its work to help poor and vulnerable children whose are potential lost of education opportunity to become children with better education and hope in life.

May God Bless all donors, Kone Kmeng’s staff with good health, and happiness in family and success in career!