Church Capacity Building program (CCB) is established to help build capacity of Kone Kmeng church project partners to be able to manage their projects efficiently and effectively.

1- Pedagogy training

On 16–17 February, 2015 Kone Kmeng conducted Pedagogy Training in Bantheay Meanchey province with 24 participants from Phnom Penh, Svay Rieng, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey. The purpose of training is to improve teaching capacity of supplemental class teachers of church project partners and with a better class management like preparing lesson plan, class administration, teacher behavior, and understanding more about child rights.

After they attended the training, participants can build closer relationship with one another, share experiences and give the recommendation on their actual implementation of the teaching.

“It was a new learning experience for me as i have never had it before. I am teaching the students, but I’m not sure how effectively can i deliver my teaching to them. By taking a role-play during training, it helped me better understanding and be aware on how to teach students effectively. i felt more confident in teaching, and i will share this experience with my team as well” said by Ms. Soy Chanthou.

2- Parenting Skills Training

On April 28–30, 2015 Kone Kmeng cooperate with ICC (International Cooperation Cambodia) project of Voice Of The Children (VOTC ) conducted Parenting Skills Training to 45 participants from church project partners of Svay Rieng, Bantheay Meanchey and Battambanng province in location of Bantheay Meanchey Province.

The training mainly talks about the five areas of Holistic Child Development (HCD) such as Physical, Emotional, Thinking, Social and Spiritual in different age stages. Therefore, the training also gives opportunity to each participant to reflect over on their bad and good memory when they were a child. The training is really interactive and builds up on each other. VOTC has kept it principle: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) during the training and the team tried to assist them to connect these three components.

The training is going well even though we could not finish the entire lesson plan. Instead, it is worth to have participants to fully understood and learnt, rather than just focusing on finishing the lesson, but they learnt nothing.

I am a pastor in my church. I have some young teenagers staying with me. sometime, I had troubles with them. I felt stressful, disappointed and upset. I sometime wanted to give up from job. After I learnt these lessons, I felt released, and now I understand about child development stages especially the age from 13–16 years old. I could understand why they always misbehave during these development stages because they want freedom and independence. I knew how to adopt myself with them better now. I will apply what I have learned from this training.

3- Problem Identification Training

On 16–17 June 2015, Kone Kmeng conducted a training about Community Problem Identification in order to build the capacity of church project managers on how to identify the main problems that are happening in their communities and how to solve it.

This training is designed to equip church project partners with techniques and ability to see a clear happening issues in their communities so that when they go back, they are able to implement what they have learnt and find better solutions to deal with those identifying problems. The training is also included the ten seeds lesson and ways to interview people in the communities.

As the result, the participants could improve more capacity and build good relationship with one another by working through group discussion and sharing their experience. After training, most participants will apply these learning experiences with their project work in the communities.