Date: April 25-27, 2016
Location: Svay Rieng province
Prepared by: Church Capacity Building

This training had 30 participants from Child Welfare Development project Svay Rieng province with 11 churches represented. The training was mainly about the five areas of Holistic Child Development such as Physical, Emotional, Thinking, Social and Spiritual development in different age stages. Therefore, the training also gave an opportunity to each participant to reflect on their bad and good memories of when they were a child. It also talked about the three (H): Head, Hands, and Heart. The training allowed for many interactive opportunities to build up each other, through role playing and discussions. The training team assisted all the participants to connect the three components of: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP).

20160525_145020My name is Puth Theany. I am a pastor in my church and have some young teenagers staying with me. I heard about the Parenting skills training and felt that I needed to learn and understand about this, both as a member of my community and as a parent. Many parents have the idea that they can do whatever they want to their children, especially in punishing their children. This has been the idea from the past until today. But for myself, when the children misbehave, I felt stressful, disappointed and upset. Sometimes, I wanted to give up everything.  But after I learnt these lessons, I felt released.  Now I understand about the various child development stages especially the ages from 13–16 years old. Because during this age their bodies start to change and their thinking and emotions are affected so they may not understand and or even control themselves. So this lesson is very  helpful and touched me that I want to train myself to understand more about children. I really enjoyed learning it! Thanks.

img_0661My name is Nary, I am 56 years old. I have 5 children in my family. I know myself I am strict with my daughter and son. I always punished them when they did something wrong or made me unhappy. I always made them​ afraid of me. In fact, I never understood them or what they were thinking.  As a result, they feared me but did not respect or love. From this training, my eyes were opened about the way I treated my children and my whole family. Being a good husband or good father is not about doing it from the mind but from Heart. I look back to my past memories as a parent and realized that I had abused their rights and even abused them physically. So this training was very good for me. It helped me to understand the children better. Even though I could not follow all the lessons, but I will try to correct my wrong ideas. My children are married now, but I have my grandchildren to whom I can show the love and peace, and giving them value.

img_0664My name is Seung Tung. I want to comment that this training topic on Parenting Skills is very helpful for my community and family too. We had never learned it before, especially understanding the Biblical principles of the family and parents. God want us to do the good and be a model for our children. But the many parents including me thought that children belong to us so we can do whatever we want to do to them.  Children need to follow and respect the role of the parents. Like the Parents proverb “ The children saw the sun light after us, so the children need to follow!”

It’s really important for me to learn this topic. It’s necessary to share and apply it to my family and community. Even though I could not catch all the meaning but I could learn the important points which the facilitator always reviewed it again and again.