Date: June 12,2017

Location: Kompong Thom Province

Prepared by: Technical Support Office




According to seeing that the people in the community do not know the meaning of the word Parent ship and they practice as unfunctional parents to their kids or children in their family, Kone Kmeng had set the plan to

20170606_104919provide the training on Parenting Skill to the community to get the children parents understand about the full meaning of their roles as the parents in their family. On June 06-08, 2017, Technical Support Office team had conducted a training on Parenting skill to 35 participants from 32 churches partner to Purpose: To improve Parents and Communities understanding of a “Functional Family”.  train them about the way to be the good parents to children in the communities especially the parents of the children who are in risk situation.





The training was focused on the 5 areas of Child Holistic Development such as Physical, Emotional, Thinking, Social and Spiritual in different age stages. Therefore, the training also gave opportunity to each participant to reflect over on their bad and good memory when they were a child and also talk about the three (HS): Head, Hands, and Heart. We also let them share us about looking after the children in their own home and show the other participants about the good experiences of keeping the family happy.It’s  kind of an interactive training between participants to participants and between trainers toward participants. We shared about our personal story to reflect the training topic, we shared our own experiences to the everyone in the training, we discussed and work in the small groups etc. the trainers keep asking questions and the participants always reacted back with their honestly answers.  Sometime participants ask what they don’t understands and we provided them back with the responsible answer to their need.


These are some stories that we got from our participants who shared with their experiences of life: 

 In the picture is a one from our training participants who volunteered to share his childhood story with us. His name is Sok Tounn He is living in Kampong Thom Province. He has the bitter experiences of life as a child. In 1979 his parents left him and his siblings home to live without mom and dad because they had to go to the deep jungle to work for another farmer to get money to help them and the hold family. During the time the parents was away, he was the one who played a very important role to all of his brothers and sisters like a father instead of his parents. Because of the poor situation and the parents not home sometime he decided to get out home to ask for the food from the villagers in the village to eat and share some to everyone in the family. I really didn’t want to do so but in that circumstances, I have to do so to survive all of my siblings in the time my parents’ not home. He said.   One day the villagers provided him a bundle of wood potato. They had nothing to serve in the dinner so they tried to boil the potatoes for eating instead of rice or food they have as usual. Unfortunately, they were poisoned by the potatoes, his brothers and sisters started seriously vomit. I could do nothings that time, my parents’ not home and the home of mine are quite far from the villagers and it’s a seriously raining. I could only cry (he cried out loud during sharing). 30 minutes later, all of them were better after seriously vomiting. This is the short story of him that he came to share with too much tear.

This is the story of 20170608_094834the lady in the picture who also volunteered to share about the childhood life of hers. Her name is Chhorn Sam Art, living in Kampong Thom province. I have a sad childhood when I was a little girl. I was born in a poor ethnic family in the deep jungle northern Kampong Thom province. That time I was 6 years old. My parents did not let me to go to the school but asked me to go around the village to sell the Khmer cake. I could study in the school in 7 years old but I had to take some cakes to sell in the school for helping my mom. In the school, I had to take care my cake from losing even in the time of studying. One day, my cakes were eaten by a dog during I was studying. This event made me scare for going home because I thought that I would be punished by my mom because of the losing cakes (I felt like this because I used to be fought when did something wrong). For me after becoming to a mother especially after getting a good skill of parenting, I commit that I will create the good examples for teaching my children because I don’t want all of them follow my past steps of my childhood life. I want them do anything to reach their goal of life. And I am praying for them to stay strong in studying and also in their spiritual especially the five areas of child holistic development.

About the result from the pre-test and the post-test that we did before and after the training we found some points as following: 

• Pre-test result: 

The most of our participants did not recognize about the way to be the good parents, they just know that they gave them birth and keep them stay alive. For example: when we asked them about the 5 areas of child development, 99% of them could not describe about that 5 areas at all. When we asked them about what’s the 6 roles of the good parents should do, 80% of them answer something related to their own experiences but did not hit the real points of parent-ship which stated in our parenting skill document.

• Post-test result: 

We’re exactly excited by seeing the post-test answers from all our participants. We saw that 100% of them could describe the 5 areas of child development (Physical, Emotional, Thinking, Social, and Spiritual). They add that they will help the children especially their kids to develop these 5 areas to push them in to a good future. 85% of them could describe the roles they should do being the parents of their children (Provider, Teacher, Role Model, Friend, Care giver, and the encourager).