Date:​ June 07-09, 2016
Location: Banteay Meanchey province
Prepared by: Church Capacity Building


Purpose: To improve understanding of Child Protection in families and Communities.

This training was conducted with 35 participants from Child Welfare Development, New life of Hope, and Save the Children projects in Banteay Meanchey province and Restoration of Vulnerable Children project in Battambang province from a total of 23 churches.

img_1149The training went well because most of the participants already knew each other so they weren’t shy to share their ideas and were brave enough to stand up to raise ideas during the training.  We started with a review of what they had learned before; such as, how to be  good parents (Parenting skills), Child Rights, and Child Abuse. This review caught their interest and created an environment for most of the people to actively participate in their  learning and understanding of Child Protection.

13My name is Nhek Neang, I’m from Battambang province, Bavel district around Boeng Kamping Pouy. It’s far away from the city. I am a supplemental class teacher. This training is very important for the children at my village. I will take this lesson to teach my students how to protect themselves from abuse and keep them safe. I will also share this lesson with my community.

12My name is Pen Sokong, I am 55 years old. I am a pastor of my church. My church is located at Poipet on the border with Thailand .  There are many issues in my community affecting the children such as: Drugs, Child abuse, Child trafficking, Violence, etc.   I really want to see change and reduce these cases from my community but it’s not easy to do it.  This topic: Child Protection is really important for me to learn and apply to my family, then share with my community. It taught me the way to protect the children from these negative influences or prevent them from being abused.  It also told us the process for reporting and getting help if an emergency or other incident happened.


Mrs. Tola is the one of our participants who attended this training. She said that she’s teaching her danghter about child development. One day her danghter came to her and asked, mum: I think that my feeling is changing now.  In the past I wanted to spent time with my brother but now I want to play with my friends, why?  Her mum said that, it’s like I taught  you. You’re starting to change because of your age development. As your body grows, your feelings change. It’s part of the steps of child development.

So her danghter understood this. When she went to school, she shared this growing step to her friend and her friend asked, how do you know this?  Who did you learn it from?  She said, from her mother. So if you want to know clearly, please come to meet my mother, and she will tell you clearly.

Now Mrs. Tola teach many of the students about child development and child protection, so the students can know themselves and can prevent themselves from abuse.

15Thhan Sokunthea, a pastor and teacher of a  supplemental class said during our explanation on child rights that she has three daughters and one son. She loves them very much, but her husband sometimes acts violently toward their children when he is angry. So she explained to him about child rights and what he is doing is child abuse, but he said that he is the father of the children so he can do whatever he wants to them.  The family is all so upset with his violence.

From this training on Child Protection, she knows it’s really necessary for her to learn and apply the lessons to her family, especially to her husband and her children. She strongly committed to take this lesson to teach her community because it is not only her family that faces this issue but all families.  Many of the villagers have limited education so they don’t understand how to protect their children from the many types of abuse. This training on Child Protection was very important for her and for her community.