Education Change My Life

I am So Sreymom, I come from Svay Rieng province, on the eastern part of Cambodia. I have 4 siblings and I am the first child of the family. I am now studying at Human Resources University; I am majoring in English Literature because I really want to be an English translator.

My family is so poor; sometime I wanted to drop out of school. As I am the first child of the family, usually I need to help find income to support family. But my parents encouraged me not to stop schooling because only education that can help our family out of poverty. These words motivated me to keep going, no matter what circumstances. From my village to high school is about 9 km, so I need to get up early and ride my bike daily in order to be on time. One day I heard about Kone Kmeng High School dormitory in town near my school, and I was accepted to live there.

During 3 years for my high school years, it enabled me to successfully complete my high school study. In the last year of my high school was the year that the government was strictly enforcing the rule which students have to work very hard in order to pass high school state exam.

After I graduated from high school, I applied for a university scholarship from Kone Kmeng. I was very happy and excited because my family could not support me and I wouldn’t have been able to come to Phnom Penh and study without help from Kone Kmeng.

After I came to live in the Kone Kmeng’s university dorm in Phnom Penh, I have learnt to manage my own life and be independent. I have grown very much in my faith and trust in the lord. Moreover, I continually receive encouragement from dorm leaders, Kone Kmeng’s staff and friends. My study at the university has been gradually improving in language and social knowledge.

I would like to sincerely say thanks to Kone Kmeng for giving me the opportunity to both are granting me a university scholarship and providing a place to stay so that I can pursue my university education. May God bless Kone Kmeng abundantly!

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