Saveun, 54 years old, is the only Christian in her village. Her life has experienced significant improvements since her family received a well, latrine and small loan from Kone Kmeng.


Saveun and her grandchildren smiling in front of her grocery shop.

Saveun has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Because her family was so poor, her children decided to work in Phnom Penh and left their kids with her. Her family struggled very hard to get enough food and school supplies for her grandchildren. Every day, she prayed to God to bless her with water because she needed it to grow vegetables and sell it to support her family.

One day, Kone Kmeng staff received information about her situation. They decided to drill a well and build a latrine for her. She was really happy and praised the Lord with His blessings to her. After she got the well, she grew vegetables in her home garden and was able to sell it to her villagers. At that time, she could get USD 5.00 per day from selling her vegetables.

Kone Kmeng staff came to visit her again and saw many changes. She requested a loan to open a small business in her home to generate more income and received a USD 50.00 loan.

Four months later, the staff went to visit her again and saw her small business thriving. She sold many types of groceries in her shop at her house. Every day, she is now able to make about USD 10.00–15.00 per day. She praised the Lord for taking care of her family. Now, she is able to support her grandchildren with school supplies and she hopes to get enough to call her children back to help her.

Saveun’s faith in God is a role model for others to see how God’s love has reached into her life to bless her and the future generation. Her grandchildren can have enough food to eat and be able to study well, opening the opportunity to a better future.