There is water, There is hope.

       Inn Sart is a 37 years old lady from Nhor village, Nhor commune, Kampong Ror district, in Svay Rieng province. She has a little son. She, her husband and her son were living with her mother. Her family is very poor. Their house is very small. Inn Sart and her husband went to phnom penh city to look for job to work as contraction labor. She and her husband left their son at hometown with his grandmother. Sometimes, her son and grandmother sleep in wet bed at the rainy season because the roof of their house was very old and was not covering well enough.

        In 2014 Sart was told by her mother that Kone Kmeng Organization gave a well to her family. Her mother and son were very happy about that. They usually have to go house to house or walk from 1 to 2 km to get water to use. But now they have one at home is such a big gift for them. Sart and her husband were at Phnom Penh were very excited too. Sart and her husband were discussing about moving back to live with her mother and son at the hometown since they have a well at home now. They have a plan of planting vegetables to sell at the nearby market and also sell to people in their village around them.

        In March 2015 Sart and the husband decided to move back to live with her mother and son at hometown as their planed. Soon after moving back they started to plant such as cucumber, cabbage, and morning glory. Things went very well as they had planned. They have vegetables to sell and get some income daily. Besides planting vegetable the family also has another job is buying recycle thing to sell at the Vietnam border.

They shared with us that the well has changed or has helped our family living standard so much. Therefore, now we can live together and not much risk as the old job. Thank you very much to Kone Kmeng Organization that gave us a well. The well is really changed the situation of my family so much. The family appreciates us so much.