Hello! How do you do?  My name is Oun Henny.  I’ve been an orphan since I was a baby. I have three brothers and sisters.  Nowadays, I live with my Grandma in the village.  She has a very difficult life and I never have money to buy some snacks to eat at school.  I study in grade 6 at the public school and at the supplemental class at church too.  I usually walk the two-and-a-half kilometers to school; but sometimes I ask others to go with them.

13901470_1034627989918441_4344159193739102114_nI was so surprised on the great and amazing occasion when, with tears falling from my eyes, I heard that I could get a special present from the supplemental class of Save the Children Project in Chhong Kok Baptist church that cooperated with Kone Kmeng. I love this bicycle very much.  I will take care of it for a long time and use it to ride to school and wherever I want to go.  This new academic year, I will go to study at the secondary school which is about 5 kilometers from my home.

Without the bicycle, it would have been very difficult for me and maybe I would have had to drop out of school.  This month I was ranked number 4 among my class of 35 students.  Next year I will try to study harder to become an even better student than in the past.

I am so grateful to the Kone Kmeng organization, my teacher, and donors that provided this special gift of a bicycle to me and helped to have a supplemental class in my community. In the future, I want to become a teacher to teach my brothers and sisters to become knowledgeable people.