Pray to God

My name is Mang Man, I am 15 years old. I have two brothers and one sister. My family is very poor that they event cannot support me and my siblings for study and school materials.

One day, a pastor from Slor Gram Church came to my house and told me about Jesus and asked me to attend his Sunday School class. After that, I decided to attend the church with children meeting class. They taught me about how to pray and the word of God. I was really excited and accepted the Lord after that.

Before I accepted Jesus Christ, I was not a good child by not going to school, not helping family and not care about my future life and did many bad things that we called “sin”.

God has changed and blessed me and family and he answered to our prayer. My family living condition is improved. i become more focus on study which i did not before. I am able to read and write, and we have appropriate school materials for study.

With Jesus in my life, now I have a dream to become a teacher. with this job, i can help my community out of poverty by providing education and telling them about Jesus.

Finally, I pray that May the lord bless my neighbors and friends to believe in Jesus Christ and help them not to stop studying to look for work in Thailand; instead, bless them what they need to be able stay at home so that they can continue their study.