11My name is Puth Theany, From Jesus Love you Churchin Thmei village, Chambos commune,Svay Chhrum district, Svay Rieng province.After I learnt about the Parenting skill or How to be a good parents, I have many thing to transform myself.

After this lesson finished, either myself is change but I took this knowledge to share and teach the people in my community too, to make them more understand like my family.

The specific point that I prepare to pass to them such as: The Good model of Parenting skill, Parents responsibility, and The positive to advise the children.

  • Why I teach this point?

Because in my community, The people lack of the good communication between each other, each families not recognize their function to take care the children. Usually, have ague with each other that cause to violent, no someone that attend to help or give advice for the solution.

(The candle light in this house cannot light another house!) Cambodian Proverb.

When I started to share this lesson to them, it’s look like have something started to change more a little bite both characteristic and mindset. The families start to take communication with a good relationship (soft communication). The husband that always drunk became to reduce his drink wine and turn back to help the wife housework.

The parents stop to use the stick for advice the children or make a damn word to their child.

Thank you the Lord that I try to pray many time for this situation that happened in my community. Now God show his glories through Kone Kmeng to bring the Lesson of Parenting skills to shot into the specific issue that happened then solved it. The families understand the Role of Parenting and started to prepare the function and how to be a good mood of Parenting.

  • The Challenges of my TOT

When my Church and I go to share this lesson to the community. The families or the authorities they always deny us, but we keep pray and try to find the new tool to share to them. Then, we started to build a path that support from the charities NGO. It’s the occasional for us to share the lesson of Parenting skill to the people. (People gathering together)

Many time that the people deny on us. But like the words say “We are a den face” so we still keep pray and try many time to them until they open heart to listen.

One picture that still remind me and my tear fall down during I wrote this testimony is have one boy who his family have violence everyday because his father incest.

The family full of violence. A young boy facing with shock, fear, from the smart boy, friendly to silent and out of school. BUT when his parents have listen what I teach to them about parenting skills, they’re started to think and change their character. One Sunday, the young boy run very fast to huge me and said that now his parents stop to make violence and fight me anymore, they’re so lovely now.

Then, He’s shut with a loud that there is only Jesus Christ who conciliated my father and mother to Loves each other again. Now he’s feel warn in his family!

Thank you very much.
May God blessed you