Children At Risk

The Children At Risk (CAR) program is designed to respond to at-risk children by focusing on Education, Prevention/Protection and Income Generation Assistance among church partners.

1- Children Education: By providing supplemental classes we are making sure that the children will receive a quality education and be equipped to move on to high school and college.

2- Community Prevention Protection: To educate network communities prevention/protection awareness.

3- Vocational Training: Providing Vocational training for poor rural families and adult with limited education to develop the skills to provide for their families, breaking the cycle of poverty and allowing them to stay within their communities and enabling the children to go to school and not have to work. In the future we want to establish a Business Center to better sever their communities.

4- Partner Fellowship: These projects are accomplished through building connections with partner fellowships who are encouraged and motivated as they share experiences and pray with one another.