Children’s Joy Project


The Child Welfare Development project was established in 2008 by Pastor Prum Setha; who is a pastor at the Paothiros Christen church. The projects are responding to the needs of the children through the promotion of child rights, family development, capacity building for the communities and the spiritual strengthening of the people.

Based on discussions with the people in these communities, the main problems are lack of food, low percentage of children in school due to economic pressures, poor health and sanitation, poor crop yields, violence in the families, high unemployment and trafficking

2.Activities 2012 focus on:
Education Support

  • Provide supplemental and English class to 55 students who are falling behind in school from grade 2&3
  • Provide school supplies to 55 students to reduce child’s families expend for their children  education.
  • Provide 6 bikes to 6 students who are far from school.
  • Conducted Parental Meeting 4 times a year to present the result of their children, encourage them to motivate their child in studying and raise awareness about child en’s rights and value of education.


  • Provide training on Children Rights, Child Exploitation, Trafficking and Domestic Violence to 94 adults and 55 children.Follow up to find impact in the community after raising awareness. Help the community with    consultation of trouble and defined solution.

c.Food security

  • Provided micro-loan to 5 children’s families to plant and 20 families in chicken raising. 

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