Children’s Prayer Movement

The goal of the Children’s Prayer Movement program is to see children in churches networking with Kone Kmeng and beginning to bring changes to their families and communities as their faith is strengthened through a lifestyle of prayer.  

1- Pastoral Prayer Fellowship Meeting

Pastoral Prayer Fellowship meeting (PPF) exists to encourage churches in Cambodia to the power of children’s prayer. We have regular meetings with our network churches so they have opportunity to share experiences, resources and motivation. With these meetings, relationship and connection among churches are getting stronger allowing us to more effectively reach out to children.

2- Church Network

Kone Kmeng forms committees in each province to communicate with churches in the network to facilitate meetings, training, children’s prayer events and programs such as improving education opportunities and relief and development assistance. These committees also reach out to churches who are outside the network to invite them to become part of the vision cast by Kone Kmeng.

 3- Children’s Teacher Training 

Children’s Teacher Training is designed to build the capacity of the teachers in the network of churches to be more effective in training children; especially in prayer. We regularly conduct children’s teacher training for our provincial network church members. Teaching resources and prayer curriculum are distributed, along with techniques and consultation. Any means that help teachers to better equip their children.

4- Children’s Prayer Fellowship Events

Children, who are attending our network churches, are gathered together to pray to God for specific issues. Children are valued and take part in bringing Kingdom changes to their families, communities, churches and the nation through the power of their prayers. With these prayer events, children learn about faith and are strongly encouraged to meet with other children believers. Moreover, children also learn various social issues such as illegal migration, domestic violence, children’s rights, importance of education, fundamental healthcare and child abuse.