Community Prevention Protection

There was a man who stood by a stream below a cliff. An old woman came to him and asked, “Why are you standing here?” The man answered, “I am here to save anyone who falls.” The woman replied, “Even if you save everyone who falls, you haven’t stopped them from falling. But if you build a fence on the cliff, then no one will fall to begin with”.

The children in our communities are weak and vulnerable. They are at-risk to be abused and exploited; partially because of their circumstances and partially because of a lack of awareness. We at Kone Kmeng, while seeking to change their circumstances, are also seeking to change their awareness. We do this by helping parents understand their roles in prevention. To help parents better understand some of the issues facing children, volunteers from various churches are trained on the importance of protecting their children. In 2017, around 4,600 participants were educated on human trafficking prevention and the role of parents in that. If there is no hope for the futures of our children, there is no hope for the future of Cambodia and in order to secure our children’s future, we need to protect their present.