New Life of Hope


New Life of Hope Project started in 2011 by Sign Baptist Church. The project location is 5 km (about 3 miles) away of the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Population is 2069,

Many families have displaced to work in Thailand. The children have been thus forced to drop out of school. Intervention is being accomplished by providing after school education for children, cooperating with public school teachers and encouraging them to teach regularly to the children, by educational workshops addressing the needs of children in the community, and by efforts to bolster the local economy in order to raise the standard of living.

2.Problem Statement

In cooperation with local authority, a small survey was conducted to identify and prioritize the needs of children in the community. 23% of the villagers, including children migrate to work in Thailand. 41 children dropped out of school. 2% of children addicted to drug. Over 60% of children who study in primary school level are not able to read and write. Around 10% of the families live under poverty.

Activities 2011-2012 focus on:
a.Education support:

  • Supplemental class for 60 children from grade 2-3 in 3 villages to improve the quality of learning of the students.
  • Providing school supplies to 60 children to reduce child’s families expend for children education.
  • Cooperated with primary school teacher to teach regularly and on time to 245 students from grade 1-6.

   b.Education Support

  • Provide supplemental class for 60 children to improve good quality education.
  • Provide school supplies to 60 children

   c.Prevention/ protection:

  • Conducting training on the importance of children’s study, prevention/protection, children’s rights, using drug to 70 guardians in the community.

    d.Food security:

  • Provided consultation to the families in the community for micro-loan.
  • Provided micro-loan to 15 families to increased their daily income and have 3 meals per day.
  • Follow up with the families that receive micro-loan

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