Relief and Development Assistance

 The Relief and Development Assistance (RADA) program is comprised of churches in partnership and networking with Kone Kmeng promoting the welfare of the people in their communities, including children.

1-  Clean Water and Sanitation:  Kone Kmeng strives to provide clean water and sanitation in rural communities by drilling wells, building latrines and water filters. For purpose of future funding of RADA, Kone Kmeng will sell wells and latrines to any interested person or party.

2-    Community Healthcare: In each community in the network a key person is chosen to be mentored as a Community Health Volunteer (CHV) who then will model and train the rest of the community in good hygiene such as clean wells, house and latrines and the planting of vegetable garden. We called this “That’s Model”. In the future we want to be able to provide clinic and health insurance to community residents.

3- Micro-loan: We provide low interest micro-loans to rural families within the network to so that they are able to begin small businesses, plant vegetable garden and raise farm animals. In the future we want to establish a credit union to provide micro financing which will enable us to increase the loan amount available to families.