Restoration of Vulnerable Children


Restoration of Vulnerable Children project (RVC) started in 2010 is in a strategic position to be able to have an impact on a large number of vulnerable children and young girls in the border area of Cambodia. This will be achieved by working through the churches who have a biblical mandate to care for the vulnerable children and communities.

Activities2011-2012 focus on:

a.Education support:

–    Providing supplemental class to 50 poor children for grade 1-3. This program will help students catch up if they fall behind on their lessons because they are not able to go to school. It also helps students keep up with their lessons so they don’t fall behind and drop out of school. This program provides an opportunity for children to learn about God through weekly Bible teaching.

  • Provide school supplies to 50 children to reduce the children’s families expend for children education
  • Provide 8 bikes to 8 students for who are far from school.

b.Food security

  • Provide Sewing training for 20 young girls, It is a skill which can be used in their local villages so that they don’t have to move to work in the cities or other counties. In this project, girls aging from 14 to 20 are taught how to draft their own patterns, cut and sew clothes and handicraft items.
  • Provide micro-loan to 3 of the girls in order to help them purchase sewing machine for their personal use.


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