Relief and Development Assistance (RADA) program is working with churches in partnership and networking with Kone Kmeng promoting the welfare of the people in their communities, including children. Activities of the program include: drilling wells, providing latrines and water filters, training about sanitation, poverty reduction, and emergency response.

Clean Water and Sanitation

There are four aspects of this project: drilling wells, building latrines, providing water filters and community training.

1- Drilling wells

Kone Kmeng is working with the local churches and authorities to respond to the need of clean water, so we drill at least 120 wells each year in Svay Rieng and Prey Veng province. Water of ever well is tested for Arsenic, Manganese, Fluoride, Nitrate and E.coli and other chemical elements. In 2015 from January to May, RADA drilled 40 wells to seve 59 Families with 339 people.

The kids are very happy to have well in their home.

“I am so happy to have a well in my family because I can take a bath more than two times a day” a kid said.

2- Building latrines

In rural areas of Cambodia most of the people don’t have sanitary bathrooms, or even latrines. This can cause the spread of viruses and bacteria, which results in poor health, such as diarrhea and worms, especially children. In 2015 from January to May, RADA program built 45 latrines to help the poorest families in Svay Rieng and Prey Veng province. We serve 65 Family with 223 people with these latrines.

Channy is teaching her children to wash their hands after they use toilet. “I am so happy to get a latrine from Kone Kmeng because it helps my family reduce sickness by using latrine. I always teach my children to wash their hands after they use the latrine” Channy said.